Data Recovery services

Having a reliable data recovery strategy in place is a necessity in any place of business. At Admin Info Solutions, we ensure your business data is protected with our proven data recovery options. We will work with you in implementing a cost effective backup and recovery solution that will ensure easy recovery of data, should the worst happen, so that your business can be back up and running without costly downtimes.

Data Recovery Service Haripad, Alappuzha

Service Contract

Service Contract Solutions Alappuzha

Regular maintenance of computers in any business is a key necessity for its optimal performance. Our annual maintenance contract will help you to identify and fix any IT related issues before they become a costly problem for you, thus minimizing disruptions and downtimes. Our service and support contract solutions can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Off-site/Remote Systems

We offer remote IT infrastructure management services for the smooth running of your IT operations. Our proactive managed support service will help minimize downtime by alerting us to potential issues within your network thus enabling us to fix issues quickly in a cost efficient way. Our remote managed services include 24/7 help desk support, regular system monitoring and device health check-ups, in short everything to keep your business up and running productively. Our technicians can assist with setting up a customized solution to suit your business requirements.

Remote Systems Management Service Haripad, Alappuzha

Thin Client Technology

Client Technology Alappuzha

Implementation of thin client architecture through the use of thin client devices and servers required to support them can help achieve significant benefits for your business. Thin clients work through the deployment of devices that connect to centralized data centers and servers, providing a virtual user interface.

Admin Info Solution offers thin client solutions based on your network set-up and requirements. With our expertise in thin client technology, we help in minimizing the complexities experienced by your IT department by providing improved manageability and mobility thus enabling your business to derive the many benefits that thin technology offers which include, lower operating costs, increased energy consumption efficiency as well as minimizing corporate carbon footprint.